In the beginning.

Apparently I have so much to say that I should start a blog. Thanks Leslie.

I’m not quite sure where I’ll be going with this, but it’ll likely be a mix of daily life in Denmark, my thoughts on current events and (as always) my never-ending swoon over my NCIS dvds…. (<– that’s a link, click it).

My first flight back to Denmark takes off in roughly 14 hours. I’m mostly packed (just my carry-on with my computer which I’ll do tomorrow morning) and much further ahead on my usual packing schedule. Sadly, I won’t get everything I’d like over this first time, but seeing as I’ll be home for Christmas, it’s only 3.5 months until I can re-up my supply of cool things.

I have to say – I’m not as nervous or worked up or… excited… as I feel like I should be? I am excited to get back and to see my friends and to be in the city that I absolutely adore but for some reason I’m not getting the butterflies in my stomach that I usually get. Is the excitement over for me? Am I ready to fall in love with a new city? Is Copenhagen just so safe for me, that going back is just like going home after a long vacation? Returning this time is certainly different from how it has been before and I’m looking forward to see what this trip will mean for me and my future.



*Link is Mark Harmon saying ‘hi’ to me. ME!

3 thoughts on “In the beginning.

  1. Leslie

    Yay, for the blog! And kudos to the queen of packing. I think your mood reflects your serene confidence… and that you’ve completely forgotten how much work school can be. Too bad you passed on the opp to go to Bartell’s, Mark Harmon was in the prescription line and was looking for someone to chat with.

    Safe travels. The Haeger Team is rooting for you!

  2. Hello from Jo aka the aspiring writer Alexa Preece 😉

    Totally love MH saying hello to you *and* you made him treat us to that lovely laugh of his so on behalf of NCIS fanatics all over the globe, for that I thank you profusely!

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