A thunderous welcome.

I was woken up at 6am to a massive thunder and lightning storm. *This is a pic from the danish news.

They key word here, is massive. I rushed around closing the windows that were open since the rain was blowing in sideways and then stood in the hallway to listen. The storm was directly overhead and my first thought was “I don’t want to get cut by the glass breaking in all the windows”… that’s how bad it was. The thunder was one long, constant rumble and there was a three second pause between flashes of light – almost as if I were at a club with a strobe light (my second thought was, will this make me have a seizure?).

I ended up back in bed after a half an hour once the storm moved away (and I could actually count between the thunder) and slept until my alarm went off at 11. I’m tired again, but am making myself stay awake until bedtime. I won’t make it into the city today with how it’s raining (and might possibly have heard thunder again in the distance).

I am hoping to make it out around here, but with the rain coming down… not sure that’ll happen. Guess I’ll spend the day putting my stuff away.

Yeah, no…. that was certainly thunder. Time to sign off.

** I might have to change my blog – I think I screwed up some settings while trying to change a few things. We’ll see.

I’ve arrived.

So let me start off by saying that I arrived in one piece AND I’m already unpacked. And if by unpacked you’re assuming that I just took everything out of my suitcase and put it on the floor, then you’d be correct. If it’s on the floor I’m more motivated to put it away. If I keep shit in my suitcases, I’m more likely to just gradually take things out over the next three months. Everything will be put away by the end of the day tomorrow.

My flight out of Seattle was delayed due to some ‘important lightbulbs needing to be replaced’. How a couple of lightbulbs took 30 minutes, I am unsure, but it cut down on my transfer time in Iceland. I had roughly 45 minutes to unload, go through customs (AGAIN) and get to my flight to Copenhagen. Luckily the Iceland airport is roughly the size of Target (the small Target shops, not the bigger ones with grocery items), so I got to the gate in the middle of boarding.

I didn’t follow my usual routine of benedryl & wine, but I managed to nod off for the last 2-3 hours of the longer flight. Overall both flights were fine, though it made me miss the direct flight from Seattle to Copenhagen and not just because of the two added hours of travel.

Let’s compare, SAS vs. Iceland Air:


* Free meal & 2 free alcoholic beverages            *Free water/soda/juice.
* Free headphones if you forget yours           * Pay three euros if you forget
* Hot towel                                                     * No hot towel
* Serve coffee tea throughout flight.              * Sad face, no.
* Friendly staff                                                * Friendly staff, but not much                                                                           interaction if you don’t purchase anything.

It wasn’t a bad flight. A little (ok, a lot) bumpy, but that’s nothing that the airline can do anything about. I guess overall Iceland Air just feels like a budget airline. It was much smaller, with only one aisle compared to the two-three-two seating that SAS had and feels a little cheaper. When I flew SAS I felt like the staff wanted to make the best of my flight whereas on IA, I felt like they were there if I needed them, but no one went the extra mile.

But anyway, flight is over and now I’m just chillaxin’. I arrived at the apartment around 2pm, met my new flatmate Eva (super sweet) and we went for a little walk around town so I could see what was quite literally outside our door. Then I came back and napped for 3 hours. I’ve been up for about four hours now, had a bite to eat, scrubbed the airport stank off and am slowly headed back to bed to try and sleep a ‘full night’.

I think I will head into Copenhagen for the day to ‘explore’ my old haunts and reaquaint myself with my favorite places.