What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. — Yiddish Proverb

I let me inner child out for an evening last night. Growing up I listened to a lot of country music. A favorite of mine (around age 8) was Clint Black. He was my first real celebrity crush. Unfortunately, every time he toured here, it was always in casinos where you had to be 18/21 to get in. It wasn’t until three years ago (I think) that I finally go to see him live – and last night, I saw him for the third time!

It was a bit pricey for a casino all the way over in Kingston ($95 – at at least I was second row). The casino does reimburse you for the ferry ride over, so that saved me an additional $16.40. But still, $95 was a bit much, but totally worth it. The man is amazing live (I already knew this from the previous two times I’ve seen him – Snoqualmie and EQC), but it’s fantastic to hear a live artist that actually sounds like their record. Refreshing. He didn’t have an opening act this time which was fine with me. The set wasn’t too long or too short, though he didn’t do Desperado, which… wait, what? I was so certain he was coming back up on stage to do that one last song and then.. they were taking everything down and the lights were on. Clint, why you no sing desperado?

I did manage to grab one of his guitar picks that he tossed into the audience *swoon*

So yeah, his voice was fantastic, his guitar and harmonica (and even drum!!) skills were spot on. And he’s got a great sense of humor. I felt bad – toward the end people would approach the stage for autographs… while he was singing. Um, excuse me? I know you’re ‘older’ but sit your ass down, I’m watching him sing, thankyouverymuch.

A few times comments of his started to sway toward political comments and I was worried I was going to be irritated – I mean, we’re all entitled to our own opinions (and actually, I’m not sure what his are), but I paid money to hear the man sing, not comment on politics. But he didn’t say anything to really indicate much of his thoughts, so that was good.

I was, by far, one of the youngest in the crowd. And felt a little out of place at this hole-in-the-wall casino. The woman next to me was telling me about all the concerts she’s seen – mostly country artists I’ve never heard of.

I knew he wouldn’t, but I so hoped he’d do an early Christmas song. That album has been our ‘go to’ standard for Christmas albums. I mean, I had it on cassette and now cd. It’s amazing and perfect and… ugh, I just want him to come to our Christmas party and sing Christmas songs all evening. Hey Clint, can we work that out? Please?

I got a few photos. In the beginning, the announcer said no flash photography (which is fine – looks like shit anyway in a concert) but then one song in, some casino worker went around yelling at people for taking photos at all. I have some great ideas for show photos. Maybe we can work a deal, Mr. Black. I’ll pay for my ticket next time AND take pictures in exchange for a meet-n-greet. Deal? Unfortunately, the quality of what I have is pretty crap… not easy to take quick ones before raging security comes with her frowny-face.

I did end up having to wait about an hour at the Ferry dock to catch the last ferry of the evening. I was worried that I would have to drive the long way home, down around Tacoma (about 2 hours), but I guess I had plenty of time.

I gambled a bit and went up/down and finally I was just done. I think I lost like two bucks overall. Could’ve been much worse. Or much better. I just don’t have the patience to gamble much more than 10-15 minutes.

So in the end, my inner eight year old is a very satisfied little girl right now. I smiled the entire way home AND when I woke up to find the guitar pick on my nightstand. I just hope he comes back soon, and does a show a little closer to home.