In the beginning.

Apparently I have so much to say that I should start a blog. Thanks Leslie.

I’m not quite sure where I’ll be going with this, but it’ll likely be a mix of daily life in Denmark, my thoughts on current events and (as always) my never-ending swoon over my NCIS dvds…. (<– that’s a link, click it).

My first flight back to Denmark takes off in roughly 14 hours. I’m mostly packed (just my carry-on with my computer which I’ll do tomorrow morning) and much further ahead on my usual packing schedule. Sadly, I won’t get everything I’d like over this first time, but seeing as I’ll be home for Christmas, it’s only 3.5 months until I can re-up my supply of cool things.

I have to say – I’m not as nervous or worked up or… excited… as I feel like I should be? I am excited to get back and to see my friends and to be in the city that I absolutely adore but for some reason I’m not getting the butterflies in my stomach that I usually get. Is the excitement over for me? Am I ready to fall in love with a new city? Is Copenhagen just so safe for me, that going back is just like going home after a long vacation? Returning this time is certainly different from how it has been before and I’m looking forward to see what this trip will mean for me and my future.



*Link is Mark Harmon saying ‘hi’ to me. ME!