Walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale

It’s funny…. everyone that’s lived in/around Memphis always asks what I love about the city so much and I can’t describe it. I’m sure it’s different when you live here (my crankypants would be out of control if I had to deal with this heat all summer – and it’s only the beginning of bloody June), but as an outsider – coming in for a few days for good food, drinks and music, it’s just incredible. Everything is so laid back and relaxed, the museums are lovely (though I’m pretty sure once is enough when it comes to Graceland), and everyone is so nice.

We went to the Civil rights museum this morning before taking Cait to the airport. I went through here last time I was in town and it’s just so amazing. It’s interesting to follow around people that are old enough to remember the events or even lived through some of it down in the South. Much like the Vietnam memorial wall, I was stalking people to listen to their stories as they shared with family. At one point Cait and I commented on how we wanted to hug everyone as they told shared their experiences.

Yesterday we toured Graceland. I was surprised at the lack of Elvis impersonators (though one man had the sideburns), but it would’ve probably pissed me off after the first ‘thank ya very much’. His planes were pretty cool and his house wasn’t over the top (though I’m sure it was for his time).

We hit Beale again last night, listened to some live music (these guys were really funny – but not in this video) and had some really great drinks. Super cheap, super yum…

Nothing exciting tonight – repacking and then hittin’ the sack – we’ve got 850miles in the car tomorrow, so we want to get an early start. Yuck.


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