Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

I can’t believe the weekend is over already!

I’ve got the majority of my photos on facebook tucked safely in an album, but my favorite would be this one of me, flat!Gibbs, Frank Marshall and Mark Harmon. MH blushed and laughed when he saw f!G come in, but Marshall did a double take and was really into the photo as you can see. I tweeted a copy to him Friday night – talked to him Saturday and he saw it and said lots of people had been asking him about it. Too funny. Very friendly guy.

We went to the baseball game yesterday, but it was miserable hot with no shade. We watched MH bat, but then once he was on first base he asked for a runner – it looked like he tweaked his knee. But with no shade, I wouldn’t want to run either. So we watched the first inning and then headed out. I guess he only was up to bat one more time. I got the pics I wanted – I’m good.

Then we had dinner at our usual mexican place – the one with the Sangria/Margarita swirls. So yum. Then, once it was dark we headed up to the OKC bombing memorial with my tripod. I got some great photos (omg, love using the tripod!). It was just so haunting at night. No words to describe it. We ended our night at the Flint Bar/Restaurant for some drinks (the hotel bar). I don’t know what all was in my last drink, but passion fruit and rum and other stuff… and chunks of green pepper. Amazeballs.

So after a few last (long) looks at Mark Harmon over breakfast (benefit of staying at the hotel), we packed up the car and headed south toward Dallas and then out east to Shreveport. It’s absolutely MISERABLE hot (at least for a Seattle native like me) – said 103 on a reader board – so we mostly stuck to the car. But Texas was gross and the drivers are shit (and so are some of the people…? We pulled up to a gas station and there was shit – human – in the parking lot and trailed into the bathroom. We had to go next door to the casino because the bathrooms were closed). We stopped at some Catfish Village with high hopes for… something, but we were pretty let down. The gift shop was equivalent to those in Westport. I could sell better crap from my house.

So now we’re safe at our Shreveport hotel. We hit a BBQ joint for dinner and it was good, but I’ve had better (in Nebraska, mmm). One of the sides was ‘buttered corn’ but it was more like a few corn kernels floating in butter. Um, yum?

We saw lots of evidence that we’re in the South… and funny, not too many US flags, mostly just TX flags. But we got a good laugh out of the man driving his huge pick up, with a cigar in his mouth, cowboy hat and cross hanging from the rear-view mirror. Also, the billboards for gun shows/sales. Oh wow… tempted to stop in, but I’ve pretty much got ‘liberal’ tattooed on my forehead, so… maybe not.

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

3 thoughts on “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

  1. Erica Santos

    We miss you tons!!! I had an emergency hearing today and guess who accompanied me to court….yep little man. He was so good and the Judge was super cool about it.

    Are you on your way or have you already left Louisiana? When I was there helping after Hurricane Katrina they had these hysterical drive through, yes I said drive through, Margarita and Daiquiri stands!!!!!!!! You just drive up, order your giant alcohol drink (they even have it in gallon size), get your straw, put the straw in, take a big gulp and drive away. I was like WTF???? Really???? But damn at the end of a long hot day breaking into houses with mold to rescue peoples pets i needed the gallon size!

    Drive careful, no more tires flying at your car.

  2. Hi! It’s been so much fun reading your entries from this latest roadtrip 🙂 (even though your accident in Montana was really, really scary…) It’s always been a dream of mine to explore the US, esp the North West, as my grandfather and all his brothers lived and worked there for many years. One day…one day..!

  3. Sarah

    That picture with flat Gibbs is wonderful! And I’m jealous also that you made Mark Harmon blush… Also, bless, that’s too adorable that he blushed ❤

    Thank you for making me grin SO HARD.

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