Szczecin, Poland

“You can learn a lot about culture by watching it shop for groceries. It’s like sneaking into a nation’s house and rifling through the fridge.”
– Peter Jon  Lindberg

I spent some time wandering the mall next to my hotel (I explored the one down the street yesterday – hello starbucks). I spent a good chunk of time in the grocery store, because… holy hell, a grocery store the day before a big holiday is a zoo! The grocery stores here are much bigger than the ones in Denmark. Even comparing the food section of a store like Bilka, the ones here are bigger. What caught my attention the most was the self-serve sauerkraut. What I didn’t get a photo of was the older man jabbing his grubby fingers in for a taste.

So far so good with the experience of the dentist here. Only it isn’t as simple as needing a crown. Basically it comes down to the fact that my bite is beyond effed up (dear genetics, no love, me) and if she puts a porcelain crown on my lower molars, I will likely shatter it because the only place where my teeth actually touch is the four molars in the back so they are getting all the pressure when eat/chew. So she fixed my tooth in the back, fixed some smaller cavities and gave me a good cleaning. Then told me to look into fixing my bite before we do something like a crown. Argh.

Tonight is my massage – for reals, my shoulders tremble at the idea. A blissful hour of my muscles having the shit beat out of them. I’m hoping that it’ll give me a bit better range of motion. I know I need to see the chiropractor when I get home, but for now this’ll be great, I’m sure. I’ve also had a long soak in the tub with skin softening bath stuff from Sephora. I’m *not* thinking about coming home or anything stressful, and had a great nights sleep on a super comfy, super big bed last night.

Tomorrow is All Saints Day – a major holiday here in Poland, so everything will be closed. I plan on taking my camera for a spin around the city and hopefully to the cemetery where the rest of the city will be.

At first I was disappointed that I would lose a day of things being opened, but then I thought… some of my most favorite photos are from cemeteries.

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