“By all means use some time to be alone, salute thyself, see what thy soul doth wear.” –George Herbert

I went for a last walk through Roskilde today. I’ve had so many wonderful (and frustrating) times in that city.

I started at the cathedral. I’ve written about it several posts back – I consider it my ‘safe’ place, a place where I can go and sort through my thoughts. It seems to be the only place I’ve found (so far) where my inner monologue seems to quiet long enough for me to relax. And I don’t think it’s because it’s a church, I think it’s because of the age and the way it always makes me think of the people before me who have stood in the same exact space. Standing in the center of something so old, something that has stood for so long… maybe it just makes everything else seem so minor in comparison? I don’t know. Religion could be a part, but I’m not sure. I won’t say it isn’t, but I have a hard time associating ‘places’ with religion – I’m a believer that religion is a personal/inner thing, so going somewhere specific for worship is beyond me. When I’ve gone to the occasional service at the Domkirke, the biggest thing I’ve felt is when the choir sings and the lights are out and I feel transported back to the middle ages. People pushing religion is another issue I have with mass gathering for worship. From what I’ve seen, I feel like a lot of the people who are more involved with pushing religion tend to be those that worry more about what others are doing rather than what they are doing. And that goes for all religions. But I digress…

Anyway, I spent a good two hours at the cathedral today. It wasn’t packed, but just ahead of me was a german couple who thought it was cute that their toddler was wobbling around and experimenting with the acoustics of the various chapels. Sure, cute to you, but obnoxious to me. An 800 year old cathedral is not the place. Then, right behind me was a tour group with a guide, and I swear they were following me around, talking loudly every time I’d settle into a good flow of photo taking. Finally I just went and found a place to sit until they were far enough ahead. I hate going out of order when I’m exploring. I have a specific order of the chapels to visit and I refuse to break routine – don’t ask.

Afterward I continued down the shopping street, past interpool (i’ve had more than a few beers there), down to Gimle and where Maria used to live. Then I headed up toward where Helgi used to live and turned up the street toward the park behind my old place on eriksvej. It all pretty much looked the same, I think my room was even empty. There was house just down the street that seems to have burned down at one point – only the foundation remains. I wonder what happened?

And now I’m trying to pack for two different occasions, both for home and for the UK. Suitcase space is prime real estate in these parts!


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