“Oh shit, there’s running involved!” – Me

Oh man, these bison are crazy!

IMG_6661Traffic slowed to a snails pace as we approached a few bison along side the road. They were walking in a line and suddenly were walking alongside the road. People moved super slow, and the bison didn’t seem to care. That said, several cars started to go around and pass on the quicker side which upset the SUPER GIANT ANIMALS. So the car in front of us picked up speed and as the car passed, the bison started moving quicker, tail was swishing and head lowered. I was certain that the car was going to lose it’s back bumper. My turn to pass was next and we went far out into the lane for on-coming traffic (no cars were coming, obviously). There were a few more ahead, so traffic was slow, but once they were behind us, the other drivers were trying to get them to move faster and suddenly they were running behind us and we had nowhere to go. Eventually they crossed the street, but between Cait and I it was a chorus of “OH GOD, I DON’T WANT TO DIE” and “DON’T HIT MY CAR” and “OH SHIT, THEY’RE RUNNING.”

Overall, I’m still madly in love with Yellowstone. Weather wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either. A few patches of rain/hail, but nothing to keep us in the car when we wanted to pop out for a picture.

We hit Cody, WY around 4pm and went through the Buffalo Bill Historical Center (cool, but over-priced). We’ve got a lazy evening in the hotel and a relatively early morning as we head 10 hours south to Pueblo, Colorado (plus a few museums).

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