“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” — Jack Kerouac

Just a few more sleeps until I hit the open road again – it’s not my long awaited extended trip, but it is a two week, 5,000+ mile jaunt with two friends and my well-traveled flat!Gibbs.

The main reason for the trip is Mark Harmon’s charity event for kids (NCIS *happysigh*), but we’ve extended it for a few days in Memphis – a city I spent a few days in during my 2010 trip.

But it just reenforces my need to explore that open road – find out what this country is all about. I love the big cities – Memphis, NYC, Chicago, D.C. etc, but the small towns is where I want to spend some time. The places we’ve never heard of…


…On the road again.

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