A hug is a great gift — one size fits all, and it’s easy to exchange. — Anonymous

Happy post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s Eve festivities!

The past month since I’ve been home has been a whirl-wind and everything is just starting to settle (though I’m sure getting the Christmas decorations down/put away will create a whole new uproar in the house. I was thinking of a huge, long post about my month since I’ve been home, but it’d be long, tedious and worth reading to maybe .003% of the people who read this blog. So I’ve decided to go with a more simple bullet-ed list. Enjoy.

*Home in time for Thanksgiving, but given there were only 15 hours between landing/leaving for Grandma’s, I don’t quite remember much. I’m sure I had a good time, and if I didn’t… oh well, I don’t remember!

*Christmas rush: Nov 25th – Dec 23rd. WAY. TOO. RUSHED. We didn’t even get ALL the Christmas decorations up, it was kind of ridiculous.

*Dec 23rd: Reindeer Festival at Cougar Mtn Zoo. It was almost dusky when we got there so photo-ops were limited. But I did get this pretty pic. I can haz tiger?

* Still fighting headaches, though not as bad as they were before and not quite as frequent. Still possibly/likely hormone related, but also doing a cleanse (no strict diet or anything, but taking some extra supplements and probiotics). I need more work hours/insurance/a doctor/ hormone specialist (in that order) to get things really sorted, but… at least I don’t feel quite as shit as I did before.

*Still massive over-haul on the house going on. Was pretty slow while I was gone, but now it’s picking up again. Mom still unwilling to get rid of a majority of her crap, but… we’re getting there. (shhh, I didn’t say that).

*Hopefully starting a course or two in the technical writer certificate program in a few weeks. *fingers crossed*

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