Good Eats!

I took a tour through the new Torvehallerne in Copenhagen today. It’s a small inside market – two long halls, one with meats, cheese and fish and the other with baked goods, fruits/veggies, desserts and take-away food such as sandwiches and sushi.

It feels like a mini version of the market at Granville Island in Vancouver B.C. but give it some time to fill up (there were a few empty stalls) and possibly expand, and I think it could become something bit for the city. The fish looked fresh, and the various cheese and salami samples I tried were fantastic. The prices weren’t outrageous (esp. for Danish standards) and everyone was very friendly, even if all I did was say that I was just browsing.

I could have done without seeing the chickens with their heads (and head feathers) still on — but actually, can I get one of those for my hair? But the ducks were the worst… their flat little beaks. Gah! Makes me think of my little babies and how Petri (yes, I had pet Ducks – 6 to be exact) would follow me everywhere.

I wish Kirkland or Bellevue would have something like this year round. I mean, PCC and whole foods have a lot of stuff, but I like the small stalls (like at the farmers market). Things stay a little more competitive. But hey… I guess it’s like Pike Place Market. Which I love, but parking is a bitch, and I don’t bus in Seattle (sorry – 3 strikes and you’re out king county metro).


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