Nasty shit.

Most people know I wasted pretty much the entire month of July snuggled on the couch with the dog and eating popsicles while I struggled with pneumonia. I started coughing a few days before my road trip, but nothing major. Just an occasional tickle. It continued through my trip and became a bit more persistent the first few days in July. So the 4th of July I went to the Urgent Care clinic, finally ready to admit that it wouldn’t just go away. I got a round of antibiotics and an inhaler and was sent on my way. Even while on the antibiotics, I started getting a bit worse and a few days later ended up with a 103.6 temp (and wondering at what point ones brain begins to melt). I went back in to the clinic and was given another round of antibiotics, prednisone and cough syrup with codeine. And still I got worse. The worst part was that I wasn’t sleeping more than 2-3 hours a night. At the end of my five day antibiotic I woke at 3am and watch NCIS on my phone, in 4B11220bed, until the clinic opened. I finally got a chest x-ray, a few rounds with the nebulizer, a shot of antibiotics to the ass, a shot of steroids to the ass and 10 days of a much stronger antibiotic. That was my docs last try before sending me to the hospital. I lucked out, and within 12 hours of the new meds, the shots, etc, there was a noticeable difference. It’s been three and a half weeks, and it’s only the last two days that I’ve noticed that my lungs don’t make that nasty rattle sound when I breath deep. While sick I was fairly entertained (and disgusted) by using the stethoscope to listen to my lungs. I still cough off/on and will likely be using my inhaler for a while still, but I’m more irritated at missing out on nearly an entire month! I even missed a sounders home game – a clear indicator of how sick I was!

It’s been a slow process, but I’m certainly improving. The biggest issue is the pain I’ve been feeling in the general location of where the pneumonia was. I think it’s actually my rib (could be some inflamed cartilage?) but whatever it is, it’s extremely painful at times, depending on how I’m sitting or lying down or how I move.

So now that summer is half over, I’m looking forward to seeing how much excitement (of the good kind) I can fit into August. Adventures await!

2 thoughts on “Nasty shit.

  1. God it has been a long summer for you! I guess that pneumonia was already cooking when we were in OKC, or did it all come after? I remember it had a hold of you just as you came off the road and had to go back to work. Thank God they finally found the right antibiotic.

    SO – I was not just hoping but planning to be in your area this September. That’s what I get for planning. I’m still in Minnesota getting my Mom sorted out with her nursing care. I don’t trust my Dad right now and even if I did it wouldn’t be right for him to be in this alone. BUT – my promise still stands. When I get to Oregon I’ll get hold of you! Take care and see ya ’round the sites! 🙂 cacky

    Wow I almost closed this reply without a reference to Tony and having the plague! Whatever was I thinking?

    (Obligatory NCIS reference: please do not dive off a pier into some dirty water to save someone who is going to forget to thank you, and while we’re on the subject, don’t do it for any reason other than the extremely unlikely circumstance that it is your only means of escape from a burning building. You and your pneumonia-scarred lungs remain in my thoughts, please keep yourself and them free from harm.)

    1. I started coughing a bit before the road trip, and it started to get a little worse when I got home. Then I jumped right back into work and between being exhausted from the trip and then not giving my body time to rest, I just wasn’t able to shake it on my own. If I had just taken a few days off to sleep in/relax I wouldn’t have had to miss 3 weeks of work. Argh! Lesson learned.

      And no worries – whenever you make it to Oregon, let me know. Of course being there for your parents should be number one. I hope she’s steadily improving

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