“The point is to keep trying new things, meeting new people, visiting new places. Once you settle into a rut, no matter how fun that rut may seem, you stagnate. You might as well be dead.” – Lenore Appelhans

I’ve been fighting the stagnate-blues for the past few months. In fact, it wasn’t until recently when a fellowship within the subject of humanities was brought to my attention, that I saw a way out.

The fellowship itself is a long-shot. I don’t know how many people apply to these things – people more experienced in proposal/grant writing, people with legit research careers that have projects thought out well in advance, etc.

But what do I have to lose? I know that in some ways, if I am able to do this project the way that I want, it’s another year of moving with the wind and essentially living in my car (only not really, because I refuse to actually SLEEP in my car). But it could also be the leg up in my writing career. Getting my name out there, getting people interested in what I have to say. It’s the perfect combination of using my words, my favorite gadget (the gps) and my love of the various sub-cultures within the country.

So a few good thoughts to keep the energy moving would be greatly appreciated.

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