“I spent a year in that town, one Sunday.” — George Burns

People (hi mom) have been nagging at me to post photos of my new ‘hood. It’s not much compared to Copenhagen, but it’s got what I need.

This is my front door…

And this is my other front door.

And this is my building. I’m in number 5, so all the way down by the lovely pile of trash (not mine). Someone is moving in (or out, what do I know) and they’ve piled stuff there to be taken away by the trash collectors tomorrow.

And this is my street….

Which is a side street off of this main street…

And this is the church around the corner (and a cross the street) that tells me the time with its bell.

Don’t let the blue skies fool you… We had roughly 38 minutes of “oh look, it’s wonderful today,” before the skies opened up (again) and once again it’s pouring rain outside. At least it’s a step up from the thunder/lightning mess we had this morning.

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