England and America are two countries separated by the same language. — George Bernard Shaw

Less than 24hours in England and flat!Gibbs has already found himself a red head. What a player. So far I’ve met some lovely NCIS fans and over the next 3 days I’ll be meeting a few more!

The flight was pretty good, though a bit bumpy toward the end. I feel like I have this Pavlovian response to getting on a plane though, because as soon as I’m seated, I start to yawn and my first thought is to nap. But for a flight that lasted just over an hour and 40 minutes, there wasn’t much time to nap once I finished my magazines.

We landed a good 30 minutes early (everyone showed up on time so we left CPH 10 minutes early) and then the conditions we good, so we knocked off a little time that way. Lisa and Amy picked me up and I got the grand tour of Manchester (I think?) as we took our time to get back to Amy’s flat. Merry Christmas, Lisa, I’m going to mail you a map. 😉