This is the stuff weather forecasts are made of.

Dear Denmark. If I was fond of the piss rain, and cloudy grey days, I’d have stayed in Seattle. Though, I see that Seattle is having a bit of freakish September with temps hovering up about the 80F mark (which, let’s be honest, if I was in Seattle I’d still be complaining – only about the heat rather than the rain). With the exception of yesterdays half-sunny skies I have been dodging in and out of puddles all week. I went to visit Maria, in the rain. I went for a job, in the rain. I picked up groceries, in the rain. Went to school, in the rain. In fact, everything I’ve done this past week you can just add the “….. In the rain” to the end.

I don’t like my flats filling with water while waiting for the bus, because despite the fact that I have an umbrella, the rain seems to have taken a fondness for coming in at a pretty sharp angle.

This was not the beautiful fall welcome I had expected, Copenhagen. How can I be out and about enjoying the beautiful city with my trusty camera, if I can’t see through the rain. Granted, I’ve been in school four days this week, so I haven’t really had the time, but that is clearly beside the point.

And as I just mentioned – I was in school for four full days this week. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but holy hell, these aren’t light subjects! Yesterday was all kinds of measuring military power and offensive-defensive balance and direct attack vs. indirect attack between strong and weak actors and can’t we just play a game of battleship and call it a day?

So this weekend I will be resting and recovering from a long, hard week doing what I do best.

Watching NCIS with Danish subtitles, of course.